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Good room decorating ideas

Good room ideas

The title of the main male, American high school student, has his own bedroom, 90% of the time is to stay in the room, and then 95% of the time outside the sleep is sitting at the desk.
Good room ideas

The purpose of asking this question is to collect some good methods to improve the efficiency of your work. Although I know that the efficiency of doing things ultimately depends on personal habits, there is more or less psychological suggestion in a room with science.
Good looking room ideas

For example: the subject likes to record some of the ideas and interesting ideas that he usually sends out (the ideas are very casual, there is no major direction), useful paper, books and mobile phones to record. But more or less There are some problems. After recording the paper title, I will forget what I wrote today, and if I want to find some ideas, I have to spend a lot of time to find them. If I use the book to record ideas, I will face problems. Still above, there is the habit of not carrying the book with me. The app on the phone is better when it starts to be used, but it is difficult to do whatever you want on the paper.

After reading the above example, you may have a vague impression of the subjects?
I like to record things, but I have a choice of suffering.
So I also want to add some of my personal interests and habits:
1. SAT, TOEFL Candidates, desks have a very high stack of books.
2. Don't like to eat in the room
3. Clothes will be littered
4. Small things will be thrown away
Finally, let me talk about the answer to this question:
1. Notebooks, books, homework, textbooks, folders How to organize?
2. How to organize your inspirations and ideas?
3. How should furniture be placed to improve efficiency?
4. What are the good tips for packing clothes?
5. Is fragmented life still organized?

The following illustration has some questions, and the subject is sorry for this.
1. The first is that there is a window on the right side of the chair, and the location under the window is not used. After listening to everyone's suggestions, the owner felt that he could buy a few storage boxes.
2. Then there is a window on the right side of the recliner. The recliner is usually tired and doesn't want to lie on the bed and read the book.
3. Next, the five-story cabinet, the cabinet on the recliner, is immovable. Because this cabinet was originally designed to be nailed to the wall, it could not be moved.
4. Finally, the large closet below is actually inside the wall, so although there is a closet there, the space in front is very large. In addition, the wardrobe itself is very large.
The problem description is a bit messy, and the subject is sorry for this. The subject who has carefully read it is here to express gratitude~

In addition, if you have any questions about the description of this problem, you can comment directly below the question, without having to edit an answer.

Thank you.

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