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Modern house design

Modern house design

Modern house design
Morden house design

Modern house design

                   Modern house design

Modern house design

                  Modern house design

                     Modern house design

Because the word "modern" means being related to the present age, when talking about a modern house it refers to what was built according to the latest trend. Modern movement in architecture began in the early 20th century. It was thought as opposed to the old-fashioned style which had been used for a long time, characterized by complex decorations. Designers have sought ways to make the architecture simpler. As a result, an epoch-making method using new materials such as concrete, metal and glass was born. At present, the design of the modern house is infinite. But they are all based on the common principle of simplicity, functionality, elegance, decoration shortage. The beauty of a modern house is in a rustic design.

What should we consider when planning a modern house?
In a contemporary style house, all design elements must be in harmony with each other. Simplicity is the key. Avoid making the design complicated by avoiding separation of long corridors, aisles and the like too much. The idea is to make the most of each space by using space efficiently. Modern architects like to run their home designs as "machines", which is a very important concept when building your house. When in doubt, is the shape of my house reasonable? Is there enough natural light and does it provide privacy to places that need it? Do not forget to think about color. In modern houses, the concentration of neutral color such as cool white, beige, light gray, cream etc is high, but bright colors and flashy colors hardly appear unless you control the design.

What kind of points do you need to consider when building a contemporary style house in India?

The first thing to do is to fix the number of people living in the house. Are you trying to build it for your family? If so, do you need a large space like a terrace, a garden, or a garden? Can it be used for socializing and children's play? Also, would you like a small modern apartment or a perfect cozy prefabricated house for the two? These are more important, depending on where you plan to build your house. For example, a small two-bedroom apartment in the city center of a big city like Mumbai will cost approximately 1.50 crores rupees. In second-tier cities such as Jaipur you can build a spacious 3 bedroom house that includes the cost of the same amount of land. The facade is another factor to consider. Modern houses, using concrete, exposed bricks and glass, produce a light and simple effect. In an extremely climate New Delhi or hillside house, using a large amount of glass will greatly reduce the insulation of the house and add additional cost to the heating and cooling of the room. When designing the interior, I would like to use the space efficiently. Contemporary design is characterized by not only dual-function rooms but also intelligent use of space using sufficient storage. The design needs to be customized according to the requirements. For example, you can include a mezzanine for better utilization of space and light. If you love art, the interior is well lit and should have a structured space to display paintings and sculptures. By cooperating with the architect to explain the requirements, you can create a beautiful and functional house that truly expresses contemporary design style.

How much will it cost for a modern house?
Beauty parlor does not always have to come at a huge price, especially when talking about contemporary houses. With a clever design that efficiently uses space, you can design a nice house even on small lands. Obviously, the smaller the land, the lower the cost of the house. In addition, the overall cost will vary depending on the type of material used to build the house. Using cheap materials such as concrete does not mean that the house will not be luxurious. You will find some examples of modern houses that prove this point.

What is the type of modern house?
Before you build your house, it is important to know the options so that you can choose something that suits your needs, preferences, and budget.

Modern prefab housing

These houses are made of sections or modules assembled in the field and manufactured elsewhere. Using this modular technology, you can save money and time. Prefabricated houses can be as spacious as conventionally built houses, beautiful and environmentally friendly.

Modern house in Bauhaus format

The Bauhaus architectural style was born in Germany and famous for its use of a rectangular shape like a window. The windows are symmetrically arranged in harmony in a linear form.

Inactive house

This type of house is designed to reduce the ecological footprint. Passive home use, space and intelligence use light. They are made with materials or systems that increase energy efficiency by regulating the temperature inside the house. It makes it easy and inexpensive to maintain the temperature during the summer days or during the cold winter months, even during the summer's temperature.

How do I design a modern house in India?
The best way to design a modern home is to connect with an architect. On tribute, you can browse through photos that offer designers from around the world, as well as modern houses in your local area. In India, you can find big cities such as Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai and Bangalore as well as professionals from small towns. On our website, designing is easy for every room in your home, even if it is a living room, dining room, bedroom, kitchen and bathroom, or other areas such as a garden, balcony, swimming pool, shed and garage. When you look at a topic that interests you, create notes and collect all the designs that inspire you, so that you can easily go back and see them. In this way, it is easy to see how your home will look.

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